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Saturday, 28 March 2015

Sharing posts on Google+

When you post on Google+, you can share things you like, or start a conversation with other people.

When you share, you’ll choose who can see your post. For example, you might want to share an article with everyone in your circles, but share a photo of yourself with only your Family circle.

When you share something using Google+, you can share it publicly, with your circles, with individual Google+ users, or with email addresses.  And of course into Communities that you are a member of.

If you share with others using an email address, they'll get an email that includes either the content you shared, or a link to your content (unless they've opted out of getting such emails).

If they share the email itself or the link with others, people you didn't directly share with may be able to see your content.

Some features on Google+ require that all users have a Google+ profile, for example the Communities membership.

How to share a post on Google+, browser version

Sometimes when you often share to same circles, Google+ remembers it and you must manually delete the name of the circle from the post's "share box".

Clicking on the X removes the choice (see the green Public in the image below). Start typing Public or choose from the drop down list which should appear by clicking inside the "Share box".

Read more about sharing a post on Google+

Different types of Google+ posts

In your Home stream, there may appear many different types of posts.

◉   “Normal” posts Shared from the profile

◉   Posts shared in a Community you are a member of: There is a green icon and Community name on top

◉   You may see recommended posts from someone in your circles with a text on top:
"(name here) +1'd this post"

◉   You may see “What's Hot and Recommended” posts

How to deal with the amount of these posts that you’ll see: read this blog post and see the screenshots.

What if I add or remove someone from a circle?

Adding someone to a circle lets them see also older posts which have been shared to that circle.

Removing someone from a circle: They cannot see any more posts even if those were shared when they were in that circle .

There's an exception: Unless they have engaged with the post, for instance commented on it. Then they'll keep on seeing the post.

Mentioning people on posts

Type a + or @ and start typing the name immediately after it.  You get a list suggesting profiles or pages which are relevant to you or wrote the original post you are commenting on.  Click on the name you want.

A private post / PM is created when you just +mention one person or email address in your post.  If you disable the shares, then the recipient cannot reshare it further or even add anyone else to the post.

Whether or not the recipient will see your message depends on their Google+ settings!
Read more about Who can notify you on Google+

Remember to check the bottom of the post so that no other sharing can be seen there, like "Public" or any of your circles.

Pro tips about +mentioning

Sometimes Google+ does not find the person you are trying to +mention (many have the same name, for instance), so what you can do is:

Someone with a Custom URL or their name is part of the link:
- right click on the person’s name, copy the link and paste it someplace, then cut the 21 digit number (Google+ ID) and paste it immediately after the +.

Someone without a Custom URL:
- click the post open and copy the URL or just right click on the timestamp, the rest as above.
When the post or comment is saved, it will become a +name.

If a post has been saved once, you cannot edit & add someone in the main body of the post - or you can, but they are not notified.

I use this feature quite a lot: I post about something and just write the name of the Page / profile I wish to have a clickable link to. Then I open the post in edit mode and add the +mention, thus avoiding sending an unnecessary notification to that profile.
Same works for comments: If you wish to mention & notify someone, it has to be in an original comment.

If you forgot to notify someone before saving the post, just write a comment with the +mention and they will get the notification (if they allow you to notify them, depends on the receivers settings).

The notifications from those who are not in your "privacy zone" can be seen at the bottom of +Mr. Jingles after your "Notifications" under "Everything else" and also in the Mentions tab on your Home screen.

Avoid unnecessary notifying of the more popular Pages or profiles if you don't actually wish to call out to them.

NOTE: If you +mention someone in a comment and post it, but later decide to delete the comment: They still get the notification.

Read more about:

Mentioning people in posts

Resharing posts and disabling reshares

Great tip for sharing links on Google+:

Communities: Spamming and not meaning to?

When posting to Communities, please stay on topic.

❒ Check the discussions or topics on the left and the Community guidelines on the right before posting to a new Community

❒ Don't share funny memes, music videos or your family photos in a community meant for serious discussion, like Google+ Help community is

❒ Don't spam anywhere or your profile might get suspended because people do report spam

❒ Don't start a community just because you can, without being passionate about your topic, sometimes it's better to join a bigger one and get more interaction that way

❒ Do not name your community with the same name that many other communities already have

❒ Do not use official Google or any other brand logos

❒ YES! Do comment, +1 and share interesting content to and from the Communities!

Warning! Community invitations!

 When you invite people or pages to a community: (See the screenshot above)

"Invite people" sends a notification - SPAM!

"Share community" just shares a public post in your followers stream - GOOD!

Please don't invite all your circles or people you don't know. That is spamming.
Muting or blocking & reporting you who send these is unfortunate but will be done by many. Sending notifications to strangers may affect your profile in a very negative way.

Profiles and Pages can stop people outside their circles contacting them

- However: For businesses and entrepreneurs it's not recommended to limit the "Who can send you notifications" because then even the potential clients can not contact the Page / Profile.

Please do note, if you notify users about things that:

1) aren't all that relevant or interesting to them
2) are seemingly every post you write
3) are about whatever, but they aren't following you back
4) are your family etc photos (same goes for tagging people!)

- Could I strongly suggest that you are actually spamming them, and you are heading for a muting or even a blocking & reporting for spam.

Think twice before notifying anyone, please.

From the drop down arrow on any post you can learn more and control what you will see in your stream:

Think before you share - and how you share!

Check your settings, who can send you notifications

Control the privacy of your Google+ profile

Sharing in Public:

Resharing other people’s materials:

Auto Backup privacy

When you use #AutoBackup and upload photos from your phone or your desktop to Google+, The photos are private and visible only to you until you decide to share them.

◉   Learn more about Google+:  ◉

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