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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Google+ Photos Updates

I'll be collecting the photos updates here instead of the Google+ and your Photos article, that one was too long already!

Latest improvements / changes to Google+ Photos:

Now you can change the Enhance for each image and customize the photo directly from the Lightbox view.  Just mouse over the "Enhanced" text top right of the pic.

Click on "Customize":

Even if you don’t have time to edit your images, we can still help your photos look their best. Take Auto Awesome, for instance: when you back up your photos and videos to Google+, we can gift you fun new versions automatically. These creations range from animated GIFs to professional-quality movies, and today we’re adding a new flavor: Auto Awesome Effects.

I went overboard with this, just to show... :-)

Now when you upload a land or cityscape photo, Effects can stylize your image to make the subject really pop. You can enjoy the new photo as is, or open the editor to make further adjustments. Either way it’s easy (and fun!).

Edit your previous edits, and Auto Awesome Effects

Now it’s even easier to save and share photos from your Chromebook

With the Google+ Photos app you can back up photos and videos any time you connect a phone, camera, or storage card to your Chromebook.  With Google's newest update Auto Backup will continue in the background even when the app is closed, making it even easier to get photos from your camera out to friends and family.

Just plug an SD card into your Chromebook and your photos and videos will be automatically backed up to Google+ Photos (for your eyes only, of course).  And that’s it! You can move on to other things or even close the app, knowing that your memories will be saved for you.

A progress bar shows how many photos have been backed up and you can pause it at any time, like when you need to give a presentation or move to a slower connection.  You’ll get notified when the backup is complete and your photos and videos are ready to share.

Get the updated Google+ Photos app for your Chromebook today:

Upload and share photos from Chrome

Google+ Photos keeps all your photos backed up, automatically organized and ready to share.

1) When you plug an SD card into your Chromebook, the app will back up your new photos to Google+ automatically (for your eyes only, of course).

2) You can share individual photos, set of photos, or an entire album in just a few seconds. Simply select the images you want, then click 'Share.'

3) When you’re offline, you can still view your most recent photos.

Change photo date on Google+

Google+ Photo Stories!

Read from Wired
More from Google blog

My first deeper look at Stories and the sharing

Link to the Story stays the same unless you Rebuild the Story...

When the Story has been once shared via the Share button, then it's sort of finished or final version.
Update: Now one can edit the Story also after publishing it via the "Share" button.
Read more on Google+

Auto Awesome update:

Turn your DSLR 360-degree panoramas into interactive photo spheres.

Auto Backup photos and Gmail

Now you can save time and insert your Auto Backup photos from your phone into Gmail messages on the web using the new Insert Photo button.

When you click the button, you'll instantly access all the photos that are backed up from your mobile devices, starting with the most recent.

Read more from Gmail blog

Latest Android update for Photos

Changes with this release to Photos app:

- The “Camera” section is now replaced with “All”, which provides a single view of your Photos, both on your device and your Google+ account

- New Photos Editor (powered by Snapseed!) includes editing tools as well as Looks, which lets you choose from 15 filters to give a new look to your photo

- A new “Folders” section in the Photos menu to easily navigate to local folders

- Auto Backup can now optionally back up your photos and videos from local device folders.

- Scroll through your photos via date range on the left-hand side of the All section 
The location of the Sign out button has been moved in this release (on Android only). It used to be in the standard overflow menu on the stream.
It has since been moved to the account specific settings page. A user would need to tap Overflow Menu (from the stream) > Settings > [specific account] > Overflow Menu > Sign out

Read more from the launch post!

I'm adding content when changes take place. If you notice that something has changed, feel free to leave a comment!

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