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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Tools and apps for Google+ and social media

This topic needed updating:
Thanks to +Mervik Haums I got around doing it.
His original post is here.

I'm so glad that we get these third-party tools in social media, they make our life much easier.
A huge hand to the Devs!
Especially useful if one manages several accounts / pages / social media platforms, like I do...

Let's take a look at the tools I use

+Circloscope  and  +CircleCount are the ones I've been using since Beta, could not live without them. Different functions but very necessary.

+Do Share for Chrome is great because one can schedule posts to a personal profile.
I love the possibility to create a new post of a comment in any post, the original post with all the comments stays with the new post.
Also saves drafts.

+Buffer  and Bufferapp for Chrome: A lifesaver!
For stats also from G+ and other platforms: link clicks, shares, likes, retweets, +1's etc
Every day in heavy use for creating, scheduling and organizing most of my social media posts for G+ Pages, Facebook profile and pages, Twitter and LinkedIn. Client accounts, too.  Brilliant tool.

+RebelMouse displays my G+ and other social media posts: (gifs work!)
Easy to link to and share around.

+Scoop.it in every day use, mainly for manual curation. The best stuff only:

+Hangout Toolbox+Comment Tracker  and Google Drive app for hangouts, are essential.

+All my +  for checking stats:

+NOD3x  or business data mining about Google+

+gplusrss.com for my Page's RSS feeds in blogs etc

+Plusses to display my Google+ posts in a blog format:
Easy to share outside the Plus...

Google tools

Google Calendar / Gmail for scheduling / inviting clients to Hangouts, YouTube for Hangouts on Air,  Drive for sharing and storing, Blogger for my blogs with Google+ comments...

Did I miss something?  Would you like to recommend another tool for making Google+ and social media work better and work together?

Check your own permissions for apps and extensions!  Delete when unnecessary.

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