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Friday, 3 January 2014

Subscribe to your Google+ Circles

These screenshots are from a desktop.  On mobile there may be different methods for some features.

Add people button - suggestions for circling

This is a good update!  For those who wish to add more people it has been made very easy, and for those who have other methods than Google's algo in adding folks to their circles - well, now we can ignore the suggestions. :-)

Actually, I found some new Finns here.  Just need to check if anything's happening in the profiles.

I wish Google would not suggest inactive profiles...

What are subscription Circles for?

I have circled many people whose posts I never want to miss. To make sure I get to read all they write, I have created a few Notification Circles.  Many profiles are in several circles and I should perhaps clean them up, but as the final maximum I can have in my circles or 5000 is not affected by these "double appearances", I haven't bothered.

The main thing is to gather all the most interesting peeps or Pages in one or two circles, "with bells on"!

To control the volume of each of your circles you can go to your Home page and then click open each of the circles listed in the More drop down:

Choose how much you can see from each circle in your Home stream: 
The bell is for notifications, if you click it on, every post from the circle will send you a notification.
Unchecking the "Show posts in Home stream" mutes the circle - no posts shown.

Now Google has made subscribing to circles easier

There is a new page where all your circles are displayed and you can subscribe to some or all of them.
Word of warning!
Do not subscribe to all of them, as each post will create a notification under +Mr. Jingles and perhaps also send an email, depending on your settings.  You will very soon be inundated in notifications!

To undo the subscription you can either visit each circle individually and click on the bell or just visit the subscription page and click the red "Notifications on" again to unsubscribe.

I recommend you choose carefully the people you place in a subscription circle.  Keep it small.

If you haven't yet been shown this page when logging in to Google+, follow this link to get to the subscription page!  Or log out and log back in.  

You don't need to drop the people who have not circled you back: Google+ is not like some other follower-friend-obsessed platforms!

Here on Googleplus it's okay just to follow interesting people and not have them follow you back. Topics and interests are more important to many of us who want to learn new things on Google+, than people.


Before you get to know the people who share your passions or interests they are not so important as the topics. Find the communities and posters who share the topics, join / circle them and be ready to learn.
This is different from FB where you already know the people but might not share the same interests with them...

There is a Chrome extension called +Circloscope  for uncircling those who haven't circled you back, but if you follow someone famous or interesting and want to enjoy their posts, don't expect them to follow you back.

The limit for circling is 5000 and if someone has more followers, it's impossible to circle all back.
Think of someone who has 100 000 or a million...  No way.

Just enjoy the great content in your home stream and think of circling as a one-way street. If someone circles you you can circle them back but if you don't find their posts interesting, just forget all about it and uncircle them.

Anyone who circles you can only see your public posts. They can't see your Auto Backup photos or posts you share with your Circles.  Your circles can't see your photos unless you decide to share them.

Please don't read more to this than is meant: People are important but not just at first when you're looking to join communities or create those circles that will bring you knowledge and pleasure.

Read more about who sees your Google+ posts.

Circling people has limits:

I hope this new feature page means that we are one step closer to being able to control all our circle volumes in one place...  Pretty please, Google?

More about Google+ Circles
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Circloscope circle management tool

This post is really not relevant, but I wanted you to read it anyway! :-)

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