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Sunday, 26 January 2014

Circles and Communities: Communication on Google+

I use my circles and the following of profiles feature for:

A. Getting interesting content in my Home stream, no matter if the ones I follow have circled me or not, unless they only post to "circles".  I don't expect anyone to circle me back.

B. I have a lot of Finns (nearly a thousand) in one large circle which I also use for posting in Finnish.  On my Finnish page +Gplussa .  I have bite-sized circles of several thousand Finns for circle sharing purposes so that newcomers may find people to interact with, in their own language.

C.  Communities have replaced Circles in many ways:  Starting a community and engaging with people around a certain topic does not count towards the 5000 limit.  I own a Finnish "Suomi" community with 20 categories about all sorts of things and an English language "Google+ Helper" community which is all about Google+, with categories of helpful posts for Goobies and old hands alike.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Tools and apps for Google+ and social media

This topic needed updating:
Thanks to +Mervik Haums I got around doing it.
His original post is here.

I'm so glad that we get these third-party tools in social media, they make our life much easier.
A huge hand to the Devs!
Especially useful if one manages several accounts / pages / social media platforms, like I do...

Friday, 3 January 2014

Subscribe to your Google+ Circles

These screenshots are from a desktop.  On mobile there may be different methods for some features.

Add people button - suggestions for circling

This is a good update!  For those who wish to add more people it has been made very easy, and for those who have other methods than Google's algo in adding folks to their circles - well, now we can ignore the suggestions. :-)

Actually, I found some new Finns here.  Just need to check if anything's happening in the profiles.

I wish Google would not suggest inactive profiles...