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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Our most popular Google+ posts in November 2013

Here is a collection of the six most clicked through posts from the +Gplus Expertise page!
I often use Bufferapp to schedule posts on Google+ business pages, because 24/7 presence is impossible and I do have a major part of my followers in far away time zones.  Another good reason is the analytics I get for each post.
+Buffer makes the task easy!

Even if there is no huge visible interaction on a post, the click through rates are astonishing.
The app collects all the clicks, also from reshares because of the bit.ly link shortener I use.
I sometimes repost the good content posts and being able to do it from the app's Analytics part, the link stays the same and collects further data.  Even posting / scheduling the exact same post on Facebook is possible.

The most clicked links on posts

The winner with 505 clicks or CTR is The Anatomy of a Perfect Google+ Post.
Excellent advice from +Dustin W. Stout for personal profiles and businesses alike:

The second with 419 clicks is 5 Most Common Mistakes on Google+.
+Jeff Bullas blogs about why people are confused about the platform:

The third place or bronze with 354 clicks goes to Gmail's Top Nine Hidden Features.
Good article on Business Insider by Radhika Sanghani:

Fourth place and 228 clicks:  Official Google blog on Don't get locked out: set up recovery options for your Google Account

Fifth place with 218 clicks goes to Top 20 Google+ Communities Your Business Should Join
Communities are still growing in popularity, here are some good ones recommended by +UpCity 

Last but not least with 180 clicks on How to Unlink YouTube and Google+ Accounts in 2013
Very helpful YouTube video tutorial by +Anson Alexander 

I'm glad to see that the curating of articles and providing all kinds of advice around the Google product family has not been wasted.  Even though the +Gplus Expertise is not a giant among the Google+ business pages, it has made some kind of impression.
At least on some websites' analytics!

These posts live on and keep on collecting the interactions: Reposting after some time has elapsed, using hashtags, good images, intros and keywords: on Google+ they may live for years to come.
One good reason for authors to update their posts every now and then...

#SharingIsCaring so share on!

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