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Thursday, 19 December 2013

Google+ Events - updates

EDIT 20.12.2013: Forget this!
Looks like the old comment stream is back...
Perhaps the new one still needs tweaking.

* * *

There have been some significant changes to the visibility of comments in the Events.
This is certainly not warmly embraced by +Ronnie Bincer as you can see from the comments in the embedded post...  :-)  Here is the Event link where I did some tests. Sorry Ronnie!

As in any post one can now add photos or videos as a comment inside an Event.  The comment you make is created into a Google+ post.  When the post is shown in your profile stream, there is a link on top that takes people to the Event in Question.

Now when you comment inside an event, the comment is just like any post:

You can choose who sees your comment, just like in a regular Google+ post:

Even though this new feature seems to disrupt the flow of the comments inside the Event, we can't deny that this will boost the Events in all the commenters streams.
More unwanted stuff from the people you follow or a good way to see some interesting Events coming up?  I wish there was a check box like in YouTube, for not sharing the comment outside the Event...

Hopefully users soon learn to comment as in creating a separate post, or it will look strange, seeing very disjointed posts.

404 error on the original post

The post that appears in our profile streams has the share arrow, but when we look at the comment inside the Event, sharing is not possible from there.  Even when clicking at the time stamp of the comment post, it gives a 404 error.  Same with reshares, there's no way to click open the original post unless clicking on the image - nor does it say that the reshare is from an Event comment.  But of course one can see the reshared post, just not click through to the original.

Even when copying the "link to post" from under the drop down arrow in the post, the results are a 404 error page with the link.  I wonder if this is a glitch or meant?

Adding photos to comments: On or off

When you post a photo with your comment, it is added to the Event photos folder.
Now this may be a very bad thing if we think of spammers.  Sharing a link is also possible.
The Event owner should have the possibility to delete a comment, right? At the moment, wrong...
Luckily there is an option to disable the photos and videos from an Event.

This is not new, but did you know that when you click on "View all photos" in an Event, you can also look at them in various ways:  By popularity or even by photographer.

When you have Photos feature enabled in an Event, people can share their photos or even albums inside the Event as comments and those are also posted to their profile.  Good for Photowalk Events with loads of photos taken, as they get more coverage.

Let's see what the future brings

The good thing is, that now there can be sub-comments and replies to my original comment!
Earlier it was a bit difficult to follow a line of discussion within an Event.

I wonder if the Event organizer still sees a comment even though it's a private share?
Possibly not. But then no-one can see it...  Defeats the purpose of commenting inside an Event if you don't wish the participants to see it. 
(No, the owner cannot see a comment shared privately.)
Perhaps we could get a "Share only with the Event participants" check box?

More #JaanaResearch coming up! :-)  I'll be updating this post as new info comes along.

+Gerwin Sturm reported that on mobile there's nothing that tells the viewer that the post is actually an Event comment. Hmm.

+John Elstone tells us that when creating an Event one can turn off videos and pictures.

Another suggestion from +Gerwin Sturm for Event owners who don't want lots of post comments:
This way the Comment Tracker app can be used in Hangouts on Air when there is just one post inside the Event where people comment on, using the Event's URL.

You as the owner make one post/comment in the event, then disable comments on the event, but people are still able to comment on your own post which appears in the event together with all comments.  
Also as the creator of the event you can add new posts even with commenting disabled. But people are still able to comment on all the posts you create unless you disable commenting on those posts like you can for all posts.  
Depending on the event you can even make several posts covering different topics to structure the discussion yourself over different posts.

More about Google+ Events

What do you think, is this a good or a bad update?

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