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Saturday, 19 October 2013

Hangout on Air with Good Day Google Plus

I was in the first Good Day Google+ live Hangout on Air show by +Chef Dennis Littley:
Also taking part were the semantic search expert +David Amerland and the Hangout Helper +Ronnie Bincer.

Good time was had by all!
If you wish to see the questions the public asked, check out the Google+ Event.

The first broadcast was aired on Friday (September 27th at 1:00 PM New York time):

0:00:05 Introductions by our host +Chef Dennis Littley:
+David Amerland +Jaana Nyström and +Ronnie Bincer

0:01:10 David tells us about Semantic Search, value of the content

0:10:40 Question about Hangouts to Ronnie and where one asks the questions.
Google's Hummingbird and it's effect on search? David and Ronnie discuss.

0:17:07 Jaana jumps in:
Question: How to use #hashtags on Google+?
Tips and discussion follow... #Jaanatip (See what I did there? :-)

0:25:23 Dennis asks Jaana about the Google+ Helper Community:
Jaana is trying to create a helpful Google+ "library" out of her community.

0:28:13 "The Hangout Helper" Ronnie's turn to talk about Hangouts.
Tricks and tips!

0:31.18 Questions: The +1's, what's happening? Discussion and more tips...

0:36:33 David on Author Rank: rel=author and +Matt Cutts
What is Trust Rank?
How do these affect us on Google+?

0:40:41 Ronnie asks David to elaborate on the Trust Rank!

0:44:50 More tips from Jaana: Profile, Pages, Communities
- Be yourself, engage, post about your interests!

0:46:55 A very good tip for creating your own Private community

0:48:28 David comments on the previous and Ronnie brings in more questions! About SEO businesses?

0:54:15 Question: Where to start on Google+? Ronnie answers and Dennis chimes in.
"Start with What instead of the Who!

0:56:05 Link dropping or Link dumping or Link bombing is discussed!
Pay attention now... Don't just drop a link and run!

0:59:02 Talk about spamming in communities:
Stay on topic and don't overshare!
Unless you're an owner or a moderator...

1:04:50 We have to stop!
Thanks for watching!

Is there something you'd like to ask the panel?

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