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Saturday, 19 October 2013

Don’t try to please anyone on Google+: Be yourself!

I started on Google+ with no-one I knew, even today only a handful of my IRL friends are here.

I'm no techie or celebrity, just an ordinary middle-aged female from Finland. I love sharing my thoughts and photographs, posting (hopefully) interesting content, engaging in conversations and helping out Goobies (newcomers).

I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everyone...
- Bill Cosby

The words from Bill Cosby have been my guideline on social media and blogs, I'm not a willing part of any popular clique, just doing my thing all along.

If a nobody from a small country can achieve to be in so many circles (thank you, my dear Circleverse!), then anybody can. It just takes time, effort and perseverance.
And posting in public, getting noticed for content.

+Craig Fifield created this beautiful pink quote image just for me: :-)

Find your niche, engage and be yourself, that's my advice

Write about the things that interest you, share links and videos that you find amusing or intriguing. Post stuff with good content, as that is what the public is looking for. Use #hashtags and create your own unique hashes, like my #Jaanatip .

Don't pay overly much attention to grammar or punctuation, remember there are always those who (if there's no other way to get your goat) will correct your spelling and not concentrate on your content.
Google+ is very international and we cannot all master the BBC English...

Join communities, engage, comment, share and participate

Don't wallow in your own circles if you wish to learn and connect:
Let all of the content and insights come out of your heart.
That's what I do.

Google+ is a great platform to "let your hair down", especially when folks realize that they can just be themselves and that there are scores of others who think likewise.

An audience for everyone.

Google+ is what you make of it.

My 5 C's?
Circle, curate, create, communicate and consume!

Welcome to my Circleverse, hope you'll enjoy the ride!

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