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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Creating a Google+ Page for business

Below are helpful links about creating a Page on Google+ and how to link your website:

Don't create a Google+ profile with anything else except your own name!

One doesn't have to have a personal profile anymore before one can create a Google+ Page.

update October 1, 2014: Google Hangouts extension and apps no longer require a Google+ Profile.
It's not widely known, but you are not required to have a Google+ Profile to manage a Google+ Page or Page-connected YouTube channel. A Google+ account can manage up to 100 different Google+ Pages (each with its own YouTube channel), all without a Profile.  Read more from +Peggy K blog, here.

When creating a page from your profile you can separate the Page and create a password for it and also get a Gmail & YouTube channel (Hangouts on Air!).

From Google:
"Google+ makes connecting with people on the web more like connecting with people in the real world. It's recommended that you go by your first and last name because it will help you connect with people you know and help them find you.
This policy applies only to Google+ profiles. Google+ profiles are for individuals.
If you want to use Google+ to represent someone or something other than yourself -- like your business, your band, your family, or your pet -- you should create a Google+ page instead."

After creating the Page, your profile is not shown anywhere.  You can also create a Google+ Community from the Page and that will be displayed on the Page's profile tab.

You can create and manage up to 100 Google+ pages on a single Google Account. Create space for new pages by deleting ones you’re not using.

If you manage a local Google+ listing on the Places for Business dashboard, you can also remove a business listing to free up space. If you’d like to manage over 50 business listings, use the bulk uploader tool.

Age restricted brand page?

If you create an age-restricted Google+ Page, you cannot comment on posts unless the poster has added your Page to their circles. That means that if your YouTube channel is connected to an age-restricted Google+ Page, you can't reply to most comments on your videos. 
Creating a community is impossible, too.

A tip:

If a business page (or a profile) has a vanity URL like https://plus.google.com/+googleplus  for +Google+ and you need to know the 21-digit Google+ user ID:
Click on a post's timestamp and copy the URL, paste it somewhere and there you have the numbers visible.

A page was created by someone who left the company?

My dear business owners / directors / managers:
Take an interest in what's happening within your domain.
Creating a brand page for your company is not the job for an intern.
Even with hiring an outside agency to do the job, it's important that you keep control.

The ownership transfer:
It takes two weeks of someone being a manager to the page before they can be promoted to Owner.

As soon as the Page is created, do create a password for the Page, then it gets its own login and email for key people to use.

If you don't have access to your Page:

There's nothing much you can do if you cannot gain access: Flag the page for impersonation and create a new one.

UNLESS it's a question of a Local page: Then fill in this form.

If there is a possibility to send an email to the Google+ brand page owner from the page, that may be one way to find out where the email goes to -> which account holds the ownership.

If not...
Go to the Page's profile, click on the small drop down arrow at the bottom of the profile pic and report it to Google.

How to set up a password for your page:

Owners and managers on Google+ Pages

There are three types of admins for Google+ pages: owners, managers, and communications managers. Each page can only have one owner, but it can have up to 50 managers or communications managers. Adding managers allows you to share control of your page posting and settings with multiple people without having to share your personal login information.

Managers have all of the capabilities of an owner, except for particularly sensitive capabilities such as deleting the account or managing access. Communications managers have the capabilities of a manager, except for editing the profile, starting a Hangout on Air, or managing videos on YouTube.

Read more and see the links and advice on adding managers here.

See also the article about Custom URLs for Google+.

Here are some helpful links with more information:

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Link Google+ Page to your website:

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YouTube and your Page:

While you're at it, check your Author information:

I hope these help!

More thoughts from my blog about profiles and business Pages  and Google+ Custom URLs

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