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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Embed a Google+ post in blog or website

I'm testing this right now with a couple of posts, let's see how this turns out!
Google+ is evolving and getting more and more integrated to other Google tools, the search visibility is in its own class compared to any other social media platform...

This new feature opens up a lot of possibilities!

Here is a nice example of the use:

Here are some posts that I embedded! Try interacting with them.

So many ways to get more readers for your blog:

About RSS feed from your Google+ content:

About Triberr - I just joined:

How to do it on a +Blogger blog like mine is:

Click on the posts' drop-down arrow (top right, not visible in the All notifications stream), choose Embed post. Copy the HTML. Create a new blog post or embed a post in an old one.
In a new post, add headline and some text: One can write above and under the HTML code.

Click on the HTML button top left and paste the code where you wish the post to appear.

Funny thing is, in edit mode I can't see if the embed is there or not:

When I checked the Preview, there it was!

One has almost all the functions of the post as in Google+:  Commenting, giving +1's and adding to circles. If you comment on an embedded post, the notifications will appear on Google+ and you can carry on the conversation there.  

Post edits appear in the embedded post, too. Brilliant!

No problems embedding posts with .gifs or moving images:

Oh, there is another update for Wordpress users too:

Author attribution 

Starting today we’re integrating Google+ Sign-In with Google’s Authorship program. So if you sign in to WordPress.com with Google, for instance, the articles you publish will now be associated with your Google+ profile automatically. 

With this association in place, we can look for ways to surface your info when it's most relevant. For example, today users may see your name, picture and/or a link to your Google+ profile when your content appears in Search, News and other Google products. 

Have you tried embedding a Googleplus post already? Do you like the feature?

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