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Thursday, 22 August 2013

The Ultimate Google+ Drive map!

We have a genius in our midst:

+Michael Bennett has put together a library of Google+ tutorials, helpful posts and content from many a top plusser.
The things you can do with Google Drive makes me wonder...

From Michaels original post:

The Map to All Your Drives

Over 300 Links, 30 Hours of Video, 189 Slides & 15 Decks.

All on one slide!

Today on Your Thursday Morning Drive we are going on a guided tour of Google Plus Influence. Over the last 2 months I have been compiling Drive Decks for some of the brightest folks here on Google Plus and the Web. I have done 15 decks and ALL OF THEM are contained below.

Little added bonus here. One of these decks is brand new and it's a monster as well.
+Mark Traphagen had requested a single point of reference for all of +Joshua Berg's amazing SEO posts done earlier this year and they are in here, complete, and in one place.

This is it folks. Every. Deck.

Not quite yet, this is just a screenshot...  :-)

So here is the map to all your drives:

1) A Complete SMO & SEO Summary for June 2013 by +Joshua Berg 
2) What is Google Plus? A Complete User Guide by +martin shervington 
3) Everything Google by Mr. Everything Google +Denis Labelle 

4) YouTube, SEO, Google Search Rankings & a Whole Lot More by +Yifat Cohen 
5) The Google+ Hovercard - Your Calling Card Across All Google by +Stephan Hovnanian 

6) Guides to Google Plus for Business & Personal Use by +Mark Traphagen 
7) Driving with David - Author, Speaker, Analyst by +David Amerland 
8) Google Plus 101 by +Peg Fitzpatrick 
9) First Annual (Virtual) Bloggers Conference with +Chef Dennis Littley 

10) Social Signals, Your Website & Google Plus - This Changes Everything by +Dustin W. Stout 
11) Creating Your Optimized Google+ Cover Image by +Stephan Hovnanian 

12) Google Plus Basics, Tips, and Tricks by +Jaana Nyström
13) How to Drive on Drive by +Michael Bennett 
14) Google Products and Services by +Denis Labelle 

***Lastly the Brand New Deck:***
15) Google Plus SEO by +Joshua Berg 

That's it folks.

1 Slide does it all.

Please let me know what you think of this slide. It's taken a great deal of work and I would love to know your thoughts. Enjoy your Thursday Morning Drive, and don't forget to share, plus & comment if you found this useful. Lastly, thank you +Google Drive for giving us all a great platform for sharing.

And drumroll....

This is just epic, isn't it?  Click open the presentation slide and the just go on clicking at the images and links inside the images...

I recommend saving this fabulous resource!

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