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Friday, 9 August 2013

How to verify a Google+ business page

EDIT 3rd June 2014:

Now there is a workaround to change a Local places listing page to a Google+ business page:

EDIT 17th SEP:
It looks like Google has stopped verifying Google+ business pages.  Only the correctly connected website link will show as verified.

We are no longer accepting name verification requests. Learn more about website linking for Google+ pages, or learn more about Google+ local pages and local page verification.

Some basics first:
How can you tell the difference between a Google+ profile and a business page?

When you mouse over someone's name, up pops a hovercard which says ADD (profile) or FOLLOW (page). 
Visiting a Google+ profile / page you can also see next to their name the red button for adding to circles.

For instance, if you click search for Football on G+, then choose People and Pages from above the blue bar, this is what you get: You can see both Pages and profiles.  These are official and have the grey verified badge.

More about Google+ Profiles

+Accelerate with Google is a brand new Page for businesses: 
Connecting you to the people and resources you need to grow your business online.

+Google+ Your Business is official, too.

Personal profile name verification and vanity URL:

I'm one of the lucky ones, all due to the role I've played in helping people to "get" Google+. At first in Finland and later internationally.  But my vanity URL with the Scandinavian lettering plays havoc with the Google+ code sometimes... :-)
This has been fixed, thanks Google!  Now one can click through to my posts in Communities.

This is how my profile URL looks when copy-pasted:

This is how it should look like:

- It's that blasted ö... :-)  Björk knew what she was doing when she went with
 +Björk but the URL is https://plus.google.com/+Bjork/posts.

You may wish upon a star...

I found a good conversation from the Google+ Discuss Forum, where a G+ Top Contributor Kaleh wrote about the verification requirements:

The number of followers may have been mentioned in the earlier documentation, but the absence of a specific number in the current documentation leads me to believe that Google wanted to be able to keep the door open as far as what criteria carries the most weight, when deciding whether to verify a brand or not.

Google no longer specifies a certain number of followers, and does not disclose what they would consider a "meaningful number." I believe this is because the circumstances vary from one situation to another so all things are not carved in stone. The verification request form now states:

Your Google+ page must already have a meaningful number of followers.

It is my understanding that the primary purpose of verifying the brands is to protect brands that are at risk of impersonation. I have seen some brand pages be verified, even though they have relatively few followers. But ... there were also other Google+ Pages with the same (or similar name) that were causing confusion as to which page was the "real" page.

These steps may help but are not certain: The final verification is still up to Google

- Used to be 1000 followers minimum, this has changed to "meaningful amount"
- Email address verified
- Business website linked and containing the G+ badge = small verification badge after the link in the profile, like in the image above

I have tried to get my +Google+ Helper page verified but no luck there...

Perhaps the moon phase was wrong when I applied, or the tide was too low?
:-) Or maybe the name containing Google is not accepted...  Bummer.

I did not mean to impersonate Google+, just wanted the people needing help to find the page, which was originally called Google+ Help but after Google contacted me about the name change (they wanted to create the +Google+ Help page) we agreed upon the current name. 

I've already changed the name 3 times within two years, so must wait to change again...
The blog is Googleplus Helper, any suggestions as to a new name for the Page? 
Without Google in it...

EDIT:  The page is now called +Gplus Helper !

Here's a tip by the way, if you don't own a domain but want to get the small badge and verify at least the website:
I've used this blog as my "official" website for the helper page. So you can use yours.

EDIT: I lost the v and had to link my Finnish website to the Page; Perhaps again because this blog has Google in the name.  Can't change the name of the blog so it's a bummer.

My Finnish language page +Gplussa . is already properly verified:

Google+ Local pages verification:

If you have a Google Local page, then you can just request a PIN

Edit and add information on your Local page

Problems with Local PIN or Local pages?  Check these out:

Google+ Local page displays the search and location:

The difference between a Local page and the old business listing page

Google Places (Business listing) was the platform through which businesses could manage their listings in Google’s maps and local search results. Users could leave reviews of the business, to help other users decide whether or not to visit the business.

Google Places became Google+ Local a little while ago, which added a wealth of new features and functionality to business owners, making it a more valuable platform.

Some businesses may still have legacy Google Places pages as Google goes through the migration process. However, these will be moved to the Google+ Local format in the near future. All new Google Places pages will be created in the Google+ Local format.

- Read more about the difference

Local pages are not quite as flexible as the regular business pages: Unless you have an actual walk-in shop or store, want reviews etc, I do recommend the Business Page.  Besides, I haven't seen a Community created by a Local page? I wonder if they can?

Useful links for Google+ Business Pages:

About G+ badge or code snippet for your website

Good blog about Google Places and local search from +Mike Blumenthal

Google Places and Local Optimization blog from +Linda Buquet

While you're at it, check your Author information

Create a separate Google account for your Page

Remember to use the Google+ search!

Finally: My advice to you is - Don't give up!

Engage with your followers, share posts, join communities, share links to good content and not just your own, don't just dump links...
Don't spam!

Getting on the SUL almost certainly gets you or your brand page the verification badge, see that your websites and emails are linked.

There are very many points for Google to consider about the verification process: One of them, I'm sure, is the conduct of the website linked to the Page.
Black hat SEO tricks may very well have a negative effect to the outcome...

Take care of your reputation!  Good luck!

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