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Sunday, 18 August 2013

Having trouble circling people on Google+?

If you add a large surge of people or +pages to your circles within a 24 hour period, the system will temporarily stop you from adding additional people even if you’re under the total number of people you can have in your circles.  This is to prevent spam accounts adding huge amounts of people in short periods.

Duplicate profiles don't count towards the 5000 profiles or Pages in your circles limit!
If you have a profile in several circles that still counts as one in total.

More reasons for circling difficulties:

What about communities, do you post a lot to them? Are some or many posts removed by moderators (wrong topic for that community) or flagged by Google spambots?
That is one big reason why a Page gets put under the magnifying glass. Spamming other people's comments with links is another trigger for limited circling capabilities.

One way of getting rid of the limitations is to post good content in public, try to get more people to circle you.  Engage.

Googlebots flag spam automatically in Communities

Definitely a spammy post on a Google+ Helper community!

Daily limit to circle adds

You may also hit this limit if you excessively shuffle your existing circle memberships. Repeatedly removing and re-adding people to different circles can push you to this limit.
- In these cases, just wait a day (24 hrs) and you’ll be able to add people again.

If you have continuous problems, send feedback to Google.

I have noticed that Google+ Local pages can only add 50 profiles / pages in 24 hours...
For business Pages the limit is somewhere near 200.  For personal profiles, around 500.

Almost 5000 in your circles

When you get close to the 5000 limit, there may be problems in adding more profiles to your circles.  Even at 4800 or something.

I recommend you clean up and remove some inactive profiles from your circles:

+Circloscope Premium is an excellent tool for all kinds of circle management things.
Here's more about Circloscope.

You could check your Google account "Other contacts", it may have many G+ people inside and affect the amount of profiles / addresses in your circles:

Try clicking on this direct link

If that did not work for you, this link goes to Contacts (same as in Gmail) and then one must scroll past Circles to "Other contacts" on the left

A tip from +Peggy K:

You can prevent Gmail from automatically adding people you've contacted once to your "Other" contacts in your Gmail settings -> General -> Create Contacts for Auto-Complete: Choose " I'll add contacts myself"
- Remember to scroll to bottom and save the settings!

I hope this helps.
If it doesn't, please send Feedback to Google or private share post to +Google+ Help

I recently removed 170 email addresses and uncircled profiles from "Other contacts"...
Why not check yours, too?

Clean up your Circles!

Are you carrying excess weight around?
Do you have profiles / pages in your circles who don't post / only post to circles and haven't circled you? Those latter ones almost never see your posts.

The limit for us to circle is 5000 profiles or pages. Duplicates don't count, one can have a profile in several circles.

Many people are still hoarding profiles of friends not at all active or someone who posted once in 2011.

I recommend you streamline your Google+ circles and use the+Circloscope tool to weed out the deadbeats. The Premium is the best tool there is.

If the whole posting to circles / extended circles feature is not clear, take a look at my blog post about the whole "Who sees your post" dilemma.

Google+ is no Twitter

I was asked why the limit for the Google+ users is five thousand.  Unfortunately I have no official answer available:

With over 5000 people to follow, there's no way you could keep up with the streams, is there?
You don't have to follow anyone back, not like in Twitter to gain the audience or to be able to follow more than 2000 profiles.

People can have millions of followers but only follow a handful. +Gplus Expertise  page has been circled by over 150 000 but has only five hundred in circles.
Good content is a better way to gain circlers than "circle me, I'll circle you"...

Grumbling about the limit: Why would you want to circle more than 5000?

Would it not be better to uncircle all those who don't post (inactives) or those who only post to circles and haven't circled you?  Join Communities and you can get more posts in your stream.

Clean up your circle act!

The official Google+ Help & Support pages for more Circles information

About Circle sharing and posting shared circles

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