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Sunday, 4 August 2013

Google+ profile or business page?

Should I just use a personal profile or do I need a business Page on Google+?
- One of the frequent questions I get on the +Gplus Expertise  page: Important for entrepreneurs, writers and bloggers. Many users say that they'd rather interact with a face than a business, and that's understandable. 

But what if you wish to separate your business from your personal profile?

Image: Ronnie Bincer

Why would you create a Google Local page?

If you don't have an actual shop in a location where people can come and visit, then don't.
The possibilities with a local page are much more limited on Google+: Perhaps they show better in the search locally with Maps but...
For any business that can take customers outside the block, and I mean not walk-in clients, I recommend anything other than Local.

Should I be posting, commenting on Google+ as my Page, or as an individual?

Depends, there just isn't one correct answer.

If you wish to promote the business side, engagement is imperative: +1, share and comment as you Page. Don't resort to spamming your circles with notification posts...

Personal profile gives more freedom than a business page because the standards of expectation from public or readers are different.  On the other hand, a Page lets you concentrate on the business at hand.

Why create a business page on Google+ if you're a writer?

So you are a blogger. But that is not all you are, surely? The interests may be varied, from your own topic to pets or science. If you wish to target mainly the peeps who read your blog, what can you do?
Stop posting about the other topics on your profile? Create a Page and perhaps even a community?

That's what I've done. Because I'm Finnish I also have a page and a community for the Finns. However, most of my followers are not Finns, so I have created an English page and community too, under the +Gplus Expertise. Blogging in both languages helps to reach my goal and spread the word.

Being active as your business Page

How to get more followers?
Try searching for the same topic on Google+, add people to circles, join communities.

Use hashtags, striking images and good content in posts: The people will come but it will take time.
Add your profile, business pages and your communities to +CircleCount site:  CircleCount.com

Share posts from "influencers", comment on posts and engage people in conversations. The worst thing you can do is to use your page as a link dumping ground or share loads of automated Hootsuite Twitteresque posts.
Don't post and run. Don't share multiple posts in a short time period. Don't spam the profiles you have circled by checking the "Send also email to..." box when posting.

Create a personal brand even though you're using a Page:

For instance many G+ users know it's me who is behind my Google+ Helper Page, actually one just has to check the "About" tab in the profile to find out. When I comment as Gplus Expertise  and the logo is visible, folks know that it's a question of G+ related advice or tips.

If you wish to get more engagement than a Page can offer, create a Community: Encourage your readers to share links, photos or posts about your topic.

If you create a community from your personal profile, there will be two posts above the community information or the About Section. If you create the community as a business Page, the About section will be always on top right.  You can change / share ownership of a community with several profiles or Pages: That way the community gets better visibility as it's also shown on the Page's profile.

Just remember:

When you set up a page, you are prompted to choose whether the page has an age restriction for the audience.  Pages with age restricted audiences are unable to create communities or circle someone without being circled first, at the moment.

Set a password to your Google+ page

If you don't wish to have your personal G+ profile connected to a Google+ corporate page:

By setting up a password for your Google+ page, you're able to take advantage of numerous third party tools that link to your Google account. You'll also be able to sign in directly to your page instead of going through another account that owns or manages the page. This feature is currently not available to pages owned by Google Apps accounts or users under the age of 18.

You'll also be able to use other Google services when logged in as your page, such as YouTube and Gmail.

If you decide to transfer the ownership of your page to one of the page managers, the new owner will have to go through the same steps as in this link to create a new password. The username will remain the same.

How about spreading the word efficiently?

Cross-posting is the answer. Using your profile, pages and community to get the best coverage.
There is a possibility to hide the posts to communities from your profile but you really should think if that is good for your business or not.
Go to your profile and click on the G+ account, then scroll a bit and untick the Show your Google+ communities posts on the Posts tab of your Google+ profile -bit.

I have to say though, even if the follower count on my personal profile is way different from the count on my Page, the most visits I get on my blog after publishing, come from the page.
Perhaps because those people who follow the page, do it to get more info on my topic? The best target group?
That leaves me more freedom in posting about different topics on my personal profile, which is fun.

Blogger or writer? Google+ authorship shows your face in search

Google Plus content is treated by Google just like any other page on the web. Google Plus content will be efficiently indexed by Google, it will gain page rank and appear in Google’s search results.

The easiest and most reliable way to enable authorship information in Google search results is to provide a verified email address on the same domain as your content. If you don't have an email address on the same domain, however, you can associate your content with your Google+ profile by following the steps on this page.

Google Plus authorship provides you with a higher visual profile in search results. By validating your Google Plus profile with sites where you publish, you will enable your image to appear next to the search results and attract greater visual attention on search pages.

More from +Mark Traphagen: Good article on Author rank and Authorship

From Google about Authorship

The ultimate Google+ business tips

These articles are long but I hope they're a one-stop shop for all things Google+.
Good tips to make the most of Google+ and Author Rank.

The best way to use these is to use them as a reference.
Digest a little at a time, lest you get overwhelmed.

How to Use Google+ to Expand Your Business Influence by +Social Media Examiner
10 tips for improving your SEO with Google+ by +Steve Rayson
Here is a good post from +Ronnie Bincer about Profile vs Page
How to link a Google+ Page & YouTube channel
How to create a Google+ Page for your business

Interesting sites for stats and understanding how you do on Google+

These are great tools for Googleplus statistics: +All my + and +CircleCount

http://www.allmyplus.com/        http://www.circlecount.com/

Don't forget to circle the +Google+ Your Business page!

My earlier post about notifications and spamming

The Google+ Toolbox of videos from +Denis Labelle 

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