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Monday, 29 July 2013

Organize your Google+ circles

Good news about a test I just made:

I moved almost 2000 profiles around my circles

Without any "You've reached the daily limit of adding people..." stuff from Google+. So it seems at least the Circle Management problem has been fixed, YAY!

Just a few Error 500's but I waited a bit and the copying was done. Patience!

I had over 50 circles with many overlapping people. As I almost never use my circles for sharing but only for reading, I decided to move folks to larger circles and delete the extras.

NOTE: This may work differently for you or someone else: It all depends on the profile activity!
People are asking why they can't circle more people all of a sudden:
If you have circled people very randomly and have added "megahugeballcircles" getting a lot of spammers connected to your account, that may have an effect on your future circling abilities, too!

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Shared circles and circle tips on Google+

Sharing a well curated circle is like sharing sweetness and light...

There are lots of lists and suggestions for all interests and you can ask people you know or follow to share their interest circles with you directly, either in private or publicly.