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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Google+ and your photos

Hopefully many of your questions will be answered here:  The Photos on Google+ feature is under constant development, I try to keep up with the changes and edit this post accordingly.
These screenshots and advice are from a desktop computer running Chrome and a Nexus 5 running Android.

Update on the Community profile photo size:

It used to be 250x250 px but the new required size is 960x540 px minimum.  A logo style image cannot be used anymore.  The cropped area is really small...  At least on a square photo.  The bigger the original photo, the better.

Got a good tip from +Dustin W. Stout :

The dimensions I recommend are 1036 x 1036. Bigger is better because it's better to scale down than scale up. Keep all the important stuff in the middle 836px (so leave a padding of 100px on each side). 

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