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Friday, 15 February 2013

Verify and book your Google Plus business page!

This post is mainly about travel.  Well, not as such.
There are many tourism organisations on Google+, or that's what you'd think.

One of the successful ones is +Visit Greece with over a million circlers or followers.
They've taken the job at hand and made the best of it.

This page is verified: 

See the little grey V after the name. People know they can trust the posts from this page.
They have a community visible on the profile page, too. That gives a chance for Greece enthusiasts to share photos, tips or stories themselves as there is no "wall" on Google+ and one cannot post on any business page, unless in the comments thread to a post.

Then comes +Visit Norway:  Lets take a look at another, at first look a similar Page:

This page is verified, too.

What are they doing wrong, because they only have only around 4000 followers on Google+?
They are sharing the Twitter posts here. Using Hootsuite or automatic posting.
Google+ is not Twitter, nor is it about 140 characters.

The Google+ has unlimited characters on posts. Well, very close, anyway.
The thing here is:
Google+ users have grown accustomed to good content. Not just dumping links but one should be actually explaining why you share any.  Give the story some depth and background. Engage.

Then there are the rogue ones;

Thailand has no verified Page on Google+. I just wonder why...
It could be that this is the real deal but we have no way of knowing because the Page is not verified via the email or the official site.

Someone can pinch your company name?

Anyone can create a business Page with whatever name on G+.  I have done so for +Tourism Malaysia Nordic. We did some business together and I have suggested to them that I could start producing content and promoting the Page if they're too busy. Or, if they wish to take the Page off my hands, they're welcome. All is paid for. It seems a pity just to leave it there without posts...

If I search for Malaysia on Google+, this is what I get from "People and Pages" search.
There is +Malaysia Airlines which is verified. Then comes +Malaysia : Truly Asia - not verified - and after that my Malaysia Nordic Page.  Pity.

What can businesses learn from this?

Grab your name now, get in Google+, the water is warm and teeming with life.

There can be several Google+ Communities with the same name, and some business Pages with the same name, too. What is yours, by rights?

Verification of Pages is done on Google's discretion, I recommend you to contact your local Google office after posting good content and engaging with users.

Have you reserved yours already?

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