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Sunday, 17 February 2013

Link dumping is not recommended on Google+

Don't just dump a link in your post!
Using Hootsuite or similar has its dangers if the post is aimed at Twitter and 140 characters...
Read on.

UPDATE!  Use a good image and 1 link in the post = Social signal

The importance of social signals in search is growing. Google+ seems to be the only platform actually helping bloggers and authors to get more visibility for their content.

Use depending on the situation:  A shared link in the link box is dofollow and a link in an image post is nofollow for SEO purposes.  Mixing many types of Google+ posts is recommended, otherwise there's no link juice from Google.

If the link does not come out nicely, doesn’t have a picture, for instance; then you can download a picture which catches the attention and just add the link inside the text, maybe in the end with a 'Read more' suggestion.

Only one link will be crawled for the +1 purposes, use two or more links in a post then neither of them will be credited.

There is a workaround for using multiple links when wishing for the main one to get the +1 juice:
Create the post with the main link and an image. Go back and edit the post, add more links. Now the main link in the post before editing still benefits from the +1's given to the post on Google+, the rest don't but still are mentioned and benefit from the possible clicks.

From +Dustin W. Stout who did a brilliant research about +1's when a blog post was shared on Google+ in different ways:
One photo, one link; The post collects +1's for your website or blog from comments, shares and +1's received. +mention and hashtags are ok in the post.

Google+ link sharing

When sharing a link, you can use the ‘link box’. It makes the post look much nicer, without the URL showing in the text.

Have to say, there is a small feature change which I don't like:
There is no "rich snippet" text in the attached link anymore. So writing something on the post body is even more important than before.

Rel=follow link for SEO

Many times there is a choice of thumbnail pictures to be displayed, so just mouse over and toggle the small arrows on top of the picture to change it.  If it's your own content, make sure your post includes at least one good image for an attractive thumbnail!

This is not the best way to share a link, but as we are "hoomans" sometimes this can be the most we get from the ol' brain:

It's much better to write a few words why you are sharing the link: Maybe copy part of the key text and use a snappy headline using * around the sentence to make it *bold*.  Making a short list of the contents is always good, too.  And perhaps asking a question to get people engaging with you.


- Pay attention to the posts' headline:
For Google's search the 200 first characters in a post are most important, 100 are left to be crawled in a reshare.

- Good news for brands: Any content that is posted in Public Communities on Google Plus is indexed by Google. Please keep in mind that the Community should be public and not a private one.

- Don't share directly from Twitter, that is annoying on Google+ especially if the text is full of #hashtags
Google+ is not Twitter.
Hashtags are useful for search but don't overdo them!  One row at the bottom of the post should do the trick, unless you'd like to use one main hashtag in the headline for more value.

- Both +HootSuite and +Buffer can be used for scheduled sharing to Google+ Pages:  Use good images!  The posts on Google+ can be longer than the ones shared in Twitter.  Editing the Google Plus Buffer post before publishing is a good idea: The normal formatting works also on Buffer posts - except for +mentions. Those will have to be edited after publishing.

- Editing already published posts is possible: One can also edit an image in Google+ photo editor and add text or tweak the photo with effects. Remember to save and Replace the original.

I wish Google would give us a WYSIWYG -like text editor for posts: Like we have already on our profile's "About" page...  That would be a game changer for bloggers and writers.

Rel=follow -what does it mean?

AuthorRank vs Brandrank?

Text formatting on Google+ posts

Sharing YouTube videos on Google+?

When you open a new post, do use the red "Video" button, not the yellow "Link" button.
Otherwise on mobile the video opens up in a browser instead of the Google+ app.

You can search for a video in YouTube via the "Video" button or just paste the video link and choose that one by clicking on it.

Something you'd like to add?

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