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Monday, 11 February 2013

How positively engaging are you in Google Plus?

What is the +1 for, or what you have wanted to know about the +1 features...
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What is your input to Google+?

There is one easy way to measure your input.
Just check how many +1:s you have given inside the platform.

Come on, giving a +1 is a positive action, be it on a post or comment.

So, how many?

Check the amount here on your Google Dashboard.

Mine are 94270 given +1:s inside G+, at the moment, 
on average 159 per day since June 30th 2011 (593 days).

Just divide your given +1's with the days you've been using G+.
Use this tool to get the number of days.

Don't remember when you started on Google+?

Try finding your first post with this tool: After the initial upload click on "Load all updates" and after loading, check the"Posts" from the left sidebar: Then click on the Date arrow to get the oldest Public post.

How to see what I have Plussed inside Google+?

The latest update from Google+ now stores the +1's you've bestowed in a separate log

The site is not very helpful, though, so +Gerwin Sturm  has come up with a better +1 log:

External +1 button for Chrome and Firefox

You can use +1 button for sharing to G+ from the web / saving stuff on your +1 tab (G+ profile) from web.  Here's my tab in case you're interested.

Get the extensions:  Chrome   Firefox

Your posts and received Pluses

If you want to see how many +1:s your posts have received, check this out: All my +
Let it load for a while until all the data is there.
Site created by +Gerwin Sturm

Oh, if you want to check your past public comments, use this Minimali.se tool, also by Gerwin.

What if one does not want to +1...

When someone comments on my posts and the comment is not just Hiii or LOL, I usually give a +1 to the it, just to show appreciation. 
When I read my stream, I give +1's on many posts to show I've read it and also to other people's interesting comments.
If I'm not very busy, I do add a comment. If I really like the post, I share it.

There is no one right way how to use Google+ so everyone can do as they wish. I have found a good pattern for myself, which works.

I try to comment as much as I can on my own posts and if I'm busy at least reward people for taking the time to comment by giving them +1's in the threads.

That's a big part of the engaging to me: For someone else another pattern may work better.

There is no must on Google+.


More about +1 button from Google

Add the +1 button to your website

About the +1 activities in the Stream and how to disable yours

Hide the +1 Activity on Google+: Hides the +1 highlighted posts. Chrome extension.

Do you use the +1 button internally or externally?
Got any tips of your own to share with us?
Please leave a comment!

Here's a nice tip:

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