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Saturday, 8 December 2012

Ignoring the engagers in your posts

Google+ Etiquette bit that should not have to be discussed, even...


Imagine this: You're commenting on +Bradley Horowitz , +Robert Scoble, +Trey Ratcliff or +Tom Anderson post. You understand that they've got so many shout-outs and responses that they cannot answer. Still they do, sometimes, to total strangers. Happened to me. But you don't really mind as you don't even expect to be answered.

Another occasion: You're commenting on a post. The postee has you in the circles and vice versa, as do many of the others in the thread. They totally ignore you. 

How does that make you feel? You can see that they're at it all the time, commenting, answering each other, LOLling, making jokes: Your joke/contribution is left unanswered, unplussed by anyone, unnoticed, lost in the thread...

Happens also with total strangers you have circled, mostly with tight-knit groups who've known each other since those good old times in Twitter. But how could you know they are all mates already? That you are intruding?  Could happen all over again with the new Communities.

People are passionate about the Google+. People should also behave. People could just post within their circles or private communities if they are not ready to accept outside commentary or contacts.

When they post in Public, the least they could do is to +1 all the comments that are on topic in their own post.  Just to appreciate the time others have taken to comment and acknowledge it?

I've given advice to Goobies: Make Google+ an adventure, venture out of your comfort zone.

What if they're being ignored? Feels bad.

We old hands should educate and inform, not just turn a cold shoulder.

This thing just pisses me off, sorry.  Just happened to me again, when it shouldn't have, not anymore.  In a thread of someone I thought of as a friend / pal on G+. Hurts even more.
I first posted about this topic SEP 9 2011.

What does this tell you about yourself? Feel the stab?

Anything anyone would like to add?


  1. I over-follow... and my personal threads never get more than a dozen comments and/or +1's... at most...

    [nevermind my posts at my personal pages...]

    ...But I'm still having a helluva time at Google+ :D

    ...And since I rarely get more than a handful of comments at a time for each post I make, I still manage to respond to most of them. I think...

    1. We are talking about two different things, you know...

  2. Being acknowledged by someone you dont otherwise expect to be acknowledged by is pretty awesome... It was pretty awesome when +vic gundrota replied to post i shared directly with him.

    1. Oh yes! Gives one a warm feeling.
      It's great that the Googlers have started to participate after the launch of Google+, they do follow what we post and listen to our feedback.
      Quite unique for a social media system. :-)


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