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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

This is BIG! Direct share from Drive to Google+ and more

Great new tool!  I'm really enthusiastic about all the possibilities opening up...  For free.

Two videos embedded in one post by Claude Rieth

Share from Google Drive presentations (Slides) directly to Google+, Twitter and Facebook

- Remember to make the presentation Public!

When your Slides are ready, click on the blue Share button top right and you'll get choices: Click on the Google+ and you'll get a normal G+ share window pop open. Same with Twitter and Facebook, though they don't show the presentation as nicely as Google+ does (interactively), but just as a link.

Edit and edit again, no need to reshare

If you wish to re-edit the shared presentation you can. 
If you also wish the cover in the post of the shared Slide to update, Edit the post, remove the presentation. 
A link button appears: Click on that, add the link to the edited presentation, save and voila.

Mind boggles at the possibilities...

I just whipped up something really fast:

Two slides here.
Move your mouse over the cover image, there are clickable links, try one or two. You can start a slideshow, watch in full screen, download the whole caboodle or just click slide by slide when small.
The best thing is, you may (as the owner) update the Slides anytime.

With a scroll mouse you can flip through the slides right here.

Collaborate on Google Drive in Google+ Communities

You can share a whole folder, a doc or a presentation with a circle or a community and let the people view or EDIT:
Choose "Anyone with the link" on the folder and all docs inside, that lets those in the circle or community view or edit the doc how and when they see best.  No more time zone problems.

Answering some questions from Google+:

If you share the doc to a limited Circle or a private Community with the link as demonstrated above, then only those people get to see the link and collaborate. That is not Public as such.
But for totally private share with a circle... Meh.
There's a reason why one cannot share a private Google Reader folder online or with circles, and that's privacy.
We all have to make choices.  Either get their email addresses or use the Anyone with a link -option.
Of course if one of them reshares the link...
But even sharing privately there is always the danger of someone copypasting, taking a screenshot etc...

Here, I tested in my Community the sharing of a folder and the doc inside, anyone with a link can edit. Works, but it is semi-public now, because I just made it so.

I think this is a good way to collaborate unless it's really secret stuff, in which case it's best not to share at all? Or just by email and sign-in system.

Share Drive files to your Google+ stream

Simultaneous editing can best be done in a Hangout with the Google Drive app.

Using the G+ share icon gives you the possibility to share with individuals, circles or communities.  However if you wish to keep something more private, then ask the participants for their email address. At least for now.


+Paul Stickland blog       +Claude Rieth posted a Scrapbook example

+Gerwin Sturm made a nice little slideshow about what is shown and what does not work

Google Drive and sharing to Google+: Video from the Google Developers

Install Google Drive:

Get started with Google Drive and How to share

You may also use the ready templates!

Needless to say, this feature has passed the Blonde test with flying colours.

How would you use this?  Can you see the possibilities?

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