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Sunday, 7 October 2012

The main difference in the use of FB, Twitter and Google+?

Can we enjoy the best of all the social media worlds?

The simplest way I can describe the difference between Facebook and Google Plus is that while Facebook helps you to keep in touch with the people you already know, Google+ helps you to get in touch with the people you want to know.

With Twitter you can keep abreast of the fast paced news world, see where your friends have checked in lately and how they're feeling at this moment.  But trying to follow conversations on Twitter is a pain...  You always see just the latest comment and have no idea what people are talking about. Half of my Twitter stream is full of disjointed scraps of discussions.

On Google+ you can follow anyone without them having to follow you back and without sending them any invite that they’d need to approve, which is a lot like Twitter. However, unlike Twitter you can also choose exactly who sees what, making G+ the only social network where you can have one account while still easily separate business posting from personal.

Don’t be shy or afraid to circle as many people as possible, you can always uncircle later if they’re not up to your expectations.  Join Communities:  Sharing your interests and passions are another great point for Google+: It’s easy to find like minded folks with the aid of the G+ search using keywords or hashtags.

Why would I log in to Facebook?

To see what my friends and relatives have been up to, especially my twin nieces who live in Cyprus and play beach volleyball: Oh, one of them has just gotten engaged to the long-time boyfriend! To check whose birthday it is or what the weather is like at my sister’s place, can she let the horses out today or is it too cold.
Facebook feels comfortable, we’re surrounded by close friends and family,  and know our way around.

With the changes Facebook has lately made, it has brought the platform closer to the idea of Google+. Take subscriptions, for instance, they remind me of Circles: You can follow celebrities or even acquaintances without the need for friend requests or possible rejection.

Of course these two copy and steal from one another, but that’s just good for us end users.

What about Google+, why would I create a new social media account?

For the newcomers to Google+ the place might look like a desert. Your stream is empty, your friends haven’t joined in, the whole place feels strange and even its UI is a bit baffling. Where to start?

Please finish your profile, make it a first priority.

When you add me to your Circles I always try to check who you are, to see if you're worth circling back. Without public posts and a good 'Information' text on your profile it's very difficult to determine what your likes are...
The same if I find you commenting on someone else's post: Make your profile image striking for attracting the attention, if that's what you'd like, that is.

Posts, profile, photo... If there is nothing showing, I'll not even think of circling you back, sorry.

Search Google+ for your favorite authors, artists, celebrities, sports stars. Search for your preferred hobby or anything you are interested in, then circle those who say things that grab your attention.

Check who they have circled or who has circled them, take a look at the people in the same Communities. Select abundantly and soon you’ll find yourself splashing in streams of thoughts, tips and news about the very things that interest you. Search for #hashtags and save the search for later easy use.

Worth a try!

Google+ works already well together with many Google tools: The latest addition of Communities is a very welcome feature indeed: Helping us to engage in groups with the people who share our interests. Don't forget the Events as it also was a much-awaited feature for organizing the big happenings or Hangouts On Air and links your Google Calendar with the events you want to participate in.

The Facebook status box asks “What is on your mind?” Google+ not only makes it easy to answer but also makes it even easier for others to find out what you have to say. After all, Google is a specialist in search.

Give Google+ a try and don’t make the mistake of thinking it’s just another Facebook clone. Nothing could be further from the truth.  Google+ is a free tool; Connect Google Drive, YouTube and Blogger...

A world that is full of interesting subjects and phenomena, where you can have meaningful discussions with folks from around the globe and Hangout with friends or interesting G+ celebrities / strangers, where you learn something new every day and where it’s easy to strike up acquaintances - or even become new friends - with the most unlikely people.

These three platforms all have their rightful place in our social life: The use for each and every one is different at least for me.  I spend the longest time every day on Google+, while just checking the others quickly. It wasn't always like this...

I call Google+ “my ever changing window to the world” for a good reason

It doesn't mean I just stay on the computer all day, but I've had a chance to meet and befriend people from all over the world through Hangout and post commenting, without leaving my home in a small town.

For me, Google+ has changed from desert to dessert.  However: If you don't engage, don't expect others to engage with you...  An empty Twitter account does not get engagement either.

Here is an excellent post I recommend by Mike Elgan: The Google+ Ghostbusters Kit

Another good read: Google+ in 15 minutes a day

What are your thoughts? Please leave a comment.


  1. Jaana, thank you, another great post! Love how you help all of us on Google+ learn basics, Google+ etiquette, and foster connectedness. And commoogling. :) I look forward to your posts on Google+ - always!

    1. Oh, thank you! So nice to hear!
      It's a passion thing... :-)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! We must try our utmost to make clear the difference between platforms and why it's worth anyone's while to join us on the Plus side... :-)

  3. Great post, but the fact is that Plus loads far more slowly, and is less, well attractive, than Facebook is. I love the lack of clutter in the interface, but it's b.l.o.a.t.e.d. and consumes a huge amount of resources.

    I think it's a great idea, but also, Google needs to open the API so we can cross post from Facebook and or Twitter here. If that could happen, I think there would be a lot more activity. As it is, I think about checking in when I know I have time for the page to load and just in case anyone I know has posted. Normally, they haven't :(

    Then again, I like Orkut, too . LOL

    1. Thank you for your comment!
      Loads slowly? Hmm. Not in my experience, but I mainly use G+ on a desktop, an iMac with Chrome browser. Got loads of Google+ related extensions too...

      I think I disagree with you about the Twitter posts especially... :-) If I want to see that someone checked in at McDonalds or walked 500 m, I can check it on Twitter (hate those!) but I don't want to see that kind in Google+. Or the silly FB updates my family posts about their family and pets...

      I advice you to circle lots more people, this way your streams will be full of interesting posts. One of the best features of G+ is the search; With or without #hashtags. Search for your interests and circle the people who post about those.

      More about the search and finding like-minded people in my post:

  4. i love your awesome posts
    keep it up

    1. That is very kind of you, thank you! :-)

  5. I have to share this on Facebook right away to encourage people to use G+. Thank you so much for this great post.

  6. You are right!I am new to google ,but i like what i discover.

  7. If I take an in-depth look comparing the THREE Social Giants (Facebook/Twitter/Google+), Google+ has become my mainstream where i am learning much as i can from the experts of my interest.

    Thanks for bringing this article.

    1. I'm happy for you! :-) Thanks for the comments, everyone!


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