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Saturday, 13 October 2012

Text formatting on Google+ posts

While we are waiting for a simple WYSIWYG -editor or similar to appear on Google+ (I'm sure it's being worked on) here are some shortcuts that you can use to format the post texts.

Sometimes you have to leave one or two extra spaces before the _ or - especially after a +mention or they might not work.  With paragraphs the characters have to be repeated, for instance when using  _italics_.  If this doesn't work, edit it again, perhaps deleting the characters including the spaces before and after the word / paragraph, then try again.

I've noticed that 3 spaces should be enough after the last word, but sometimes it works with only 2, especially when you are copy pasting and type the _ first.
I just commented on a post and wrote _blushes..._ with 2 spaces: It didn't work so I edited and added the third space and that worked.

More tips on creating readable posts

When you write a post, pay attention to the paragraphs.  I mean, use them.  Especially with longer posts it's very tiring to read a text that is all in one piece.

+Ahmed Zeeshan wrote a very nice piece about the structure and formatting of your longer posts:

» A blogging platform
One of the appealing features of google+ is the ability to write lengthy posts. Combine that with the excellent commenting system and we get ourselves a very functional blogging platform. However, there is also another mis-used feature which all g+ content curators stand to benefit from if used properly: Rich text formatting...

Often times I see very long posts that are a giant block of text with no formatting or structure applied to them. They might contain top quality content but because they're not presented in an appealing way, mosts users do not bother to read through them. The lack of engagement then surprises the original author. This is even true for some of our power users.

Google+ offers us the chance to get rid of the ridiculous TL;DR (too long; didn't read) culture on the internet. That will only happen if we make our posts easier and simpler to read. Our readers should be able to take one look at the post and see exactly what it is about. The structure of the post should draw them in and encourage them to read all of it.
Read more about the structure in his Google+ post .


Now the web based +1 button (this one is for Chrome) also lets you add posts to your profile's +1 tab which has changed since the publishing of the Cheat Sheet.  With Pages it only adds the link to the Google+ page, but with individuals' posts you may open them from the time stamp in your browser and click on the external +1 button. The post is saved on your tab.

Note 2:  After the last Google+ Update in FEB13, the external Chrome +1 button seems not to save Google+ posts to +1 Tab on the profile page, again...  Hmm. Let's hope for a change.

More links and advice:

Think Google+ is a Ghost Town? You're using it Wrong, probably

+The G+ Resource  blogs about creating readable Google+ posts

What happens when you move your blog to Google+  by +Jay Acunzo

Quick video tip on formatting

Copypaste symbols if you want to decorate the text

Remember when posting: People love images.

When you are sharing links:  I'd advice you to use larger images added to the post instead of the links' own small ones in the linkbox, for attracting more attention if needed.

You may use a link shortener like http://goo.gl/ or http://bit.ly and add the link inside the text after you have uploaded or added (shared) the image from your Google+ albums.

Image is everything! :-)
Never just dump links without a headline and some snippet of the content or your own views and thoughts. Use hashtags related to your content, or create one unique for your own use.

Try to use a relevant picture and not do what I did here:  This is called "Linkbait" and has nothing to do with the matter in hand.  :-)

Quick tip for copy & paste without formatting:

You probably already know the keyboard shortcut for paste (Mac: command-v, Windows: ctrl-v). 

The shortcut for paste without formatting is easy to remember. Just add the Shift key. 
(Mac: command-shift-v, Windows: ctrl-shift-v).
Any thoughts on formatting?  Please leave a comment.


  1. Thank you: I'm glad you liked it! :-)

  2. I'm getting the hang of Google+, and I'm loving it to be honest. I have been able to have a brief but important (to me) conversation with my lifelong favorite author, and she circled me. She's the reason I am an author myself, though Lord help me, but I couldn't get those particular words out when chatting with her.

    She's only circled 15 people including me, and that one action showed me the power of Google+.
    Feel welcome and encouraged to Circle me if you're inclined.

    Google+ is a social network and (apparently) Content Manager where you are judged based on the quality of your content, along with your name and established reputation to be sure, but it's also where one can build a very solid and powerful reputation as well.

    I had never considered moving or creating an entire blog on Google+. I'm almost shaking with the ideas that are rushing through my head, as I have two blogs I need to create in the upcoming weeks. So why don't I just try to have at least one of them as a Page on Google+? I guess any marketing-related lead-generating or (I hate this term) Squeeze pages could be on my own sites, but I think the important thing FIRST would be to share content with interested parties that is valuable to them. If the content is meritorious, then such a "Google+ Blog" would grow.

    If welcome to, I'd like to come back and share those blogs with you here after establishing them, perhaps on as a WordPress and one entirely on Google+. I guess I can't publish to Google+ first and syndicate to my own page, or could I?.

    You've seriously inspired me (as if you couldn't tell from my little blog-length comment).

    I'm Robert Hughey from Atlanta, GA, USA, and it's nice to meet you.
    Latest UFO Sightings Blog

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed the post. But of course you can first publish a story on Google+ and then later on your blog, or vice versa. There are no rules or limits, you may do as you wish: Test drive a text on Google+ and learn from the comments, perhaps? :-)

  3. Very helpful tips here for newbies to navigate G+. Thanks for the good write-up and keep it up!

    Have An AweSome Day!

  4. Most helpful Jaana thanks so much ... been following you for awhile ...

    Have just started posting my "own stuff" and am having trouble finding how to insert hyperlinks in my post (can't find it anywhere?) ?

    Your help will be most appreciated :-)

    1. I'm sorry, hyperlinks don't work yet on Google+ posts like they do on your Profile...
      I have been asking for this feature for a long time!

  5. Thanks for the reply Jaana ... sorry to hear re hyperlinks .. hope the G+ team adds that soon

    1. I just wish we could get a simple WYSIWYG style editor like we have on the profile...

    2. Surprising that the G+ team has not done anything re this despite requests from the users (am certain that many like you would have made a similar request) ... I guess in the meantime I'll just include the actual URL in the post text itself.

    3. Agreed!
      In the meantime you can beautify the links by using the URL shorteners like goo.gl or bit.ly
      Although some people never click on those links, not knowing where they take you.

  6. What a great page. I have linked it in my community.
    Thank YOu

    1. I am delighted to hear, thank you Michael!
      It's good to feel I can help.

  7. Very helpful as I'm new to G+. One question, doesn "locking" a post mean noone can share it or that only I can see it on my wall?

  8. Hi Paula,
    Locking a post means that no-one can share it in the normal way.

    However taking a screenshot of a post and sharing that is a possibility...
    So sharing something that you don't want to be reshared at all: Don't share. :-)

  9. Nice post.

    I do wish that your share on Google+ button allowed me to just bookmark to my +1 column. I checked GooglePlus to make sure they hadn't changed something. My +1 on ChrisLema.com's latest blog bookmarked to my +1 column. Many times I want to bookmark something rather than put it on my G+ wall.

    There used to be a tab for circles. Now the only way I can get to one circle is from my home page but I can't get all my circles laid out like before. Did G+ move our circles to somewhere else I can see them all at one time? Thanks Jaana!

    1. Hi Linda!
      When you click on the +1 button at the BOTTOM of a post, you get a new link to your +1 Tab on Google+. It opens a share box but you don't have to share, just leave it or click next to it so it disappears.

      If you use Chrome browser on a desktop, you could install the +1 extension, then anything you +1 from that is saved in your +1 Tab:

      The link for circles in Google+ is now inside the "Find people" Tab on the left:

      Click on that and on the top you'll see "Find people" and "Added you" and "Your circles". The last one is the Circles Tab. Or you could save this link and go there directly:

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