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Saturday, 13 October 2012

Saturday: Google+ photo themes for the day!

The hashtags used on Google+ work in two ways:
You can click on them and they will take you straight to the search, showing posts with the hashtag in question. People who search for a certain topic can do so with or without the # and a keyword: You get slightly different results with either method, I've noticed.

Using hashes is a good way to get your posts noticed by the public, not just in photo themes but on any topic.
Of course that means posting in Public, otherwise only those with whom the post was shared can see the results.
So you can use your own unique hashtag, share posts only to yourself or an empty circle and easily find the posts later with the Google+ search.

The Google+ searches can be saved and will appear under your circles "More" drop down list on the Home page.

You may use capital letters, it doesn't make any difference in the search.

Some of the themes for Saturdays and their curators

• Books Saturday
#Booksaturday +Book Saturday - Book Lovers
+Gemma Costa +Ester Negro +Cora Triton +Andrea Martinez

• Caturday
#Caturday +CATURDAY!
+Jules Falk Hunter +Shantha Marie Fountain +Cicely Robin Laing

• Digital Art Saturday
#DigitalArtSaturday +DigitalArtSaturday
+Dale Jackson +Dawn Ellen Miller

• Inspirational Saturday
#InspirationalSaturday +Inspirational Saturday
+Charlotte Therese Björnström +Khrystiane Friedli +Mylah Nazario

• Rural Saturday
#RuralSaturday +#RuralSaturday
+Mario Cerroni +linda stokes

• Sleepy Saturday
#SleepySaturday +Sleepy Saturday
+Gemma Costa +Andrea Martinez

• Squirrel Saturday
#SquirrelSaturday +Squirrel Saturday
+Skippy Sheeskin +SE Blackwell

• Surreal Art Saturday
#SurrealArtSaturday +SurrealArtSaturday
+Mikko Tyllinen

• Swampy Saturday
#SwampySaturday +Swampy Saturday
+Ray Bilcliff +Sherry McBriar

• Tea Club
#TeaClub +Tea Club ( Tea Coffee Chocolate Food Club )
+Gemma Costa +Cynthia Chia +Michelle Robinson +Mike sh
+Elizabeth Edwards +Andrea Martinez

• Unsharp Saturday
#UnsharpSaturday +Unsharp Saturday
+Nathan Beaulne

More Saturday themes

You don't have to be a pro to participate!

I've posted about editing your own photos right on Google+, take a look and see how easy it is. Just tweaking any image may bring out a whole new piece of art.  You might try your hand here: Hack this photo!

There are themes that you can post to every day, too.

Like #BreakfastClub +Breakfast Club  by +Gemma Costa

More daily themes:  +Daily Photography Themes  and G+ Photo Pages

Why not create a theme of your own! Here are some more examples:

#StreetPhotography  #BirdPoker  #LandscapePhotography
#MonoChromeMonday  #FloralFriday  #MacroMonday
#TreeTuesday  #UnderwaterThursday

Enjoy your Saturday my dear Circleverse!

More about managing your albums and photos

What is your favourite photo theme?

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