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Welcome to my Circleverse!

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Friday, 5 October 2012

Welcome to the Circleverse!

New here? Need some tips? Ask away!

Google+ is different from other platforms and needs a bit more work than, lets say Pinterest. But once you've understood what the idea behind Circles is, the rewards are great. Don't wait for your friends and family to join you but venture outside your comfort zone and you might be surprised!

Image by Claude Rieth

I started using Google+ in June 2011 with no-one I knew, first of my nationality, non-geek and middle-aged. I'm burdened with a double vowel and an umlaut in my name but still I've enjoyed G+ hugely from the beginning. Even now only a handful of people I know IRL are here. But I really don't care as I have a Circleverse full of great new acquaintances and in many cases, new friends, too.

It's just a question of finding your niche. And making an effort.
My 5 C:s are: Circle, curate, create, communicate & consume!

Image by Paul Stickland

Be persistent! :-)
Use the search for your pet topics, music or sports, look at the people's profiles who comment on those posts and circle, circle, circle...
Then comment, post, share and circle again. Repeat and keep on repeating.

Feed the Google+ fires with the flame of your passions!

Here's a good start, add these pages to your Google+ circle:

 +Google+ and +Google+ Your Business 

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